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Boot Camp Private Web-Based Training

Web based training is live, Internet-based training using your Internet connected computer and telephone.

MrDataMining Course Curriculum Web Based (pdf)

Boot Camp Private Web-Based Training Advantages:
You can incorporate your data extraction and reporting requirements, just like my on-site training, thereby completing projects you have on your desk and insuring a positive ROI.

Smaller time investment than standard courses, only three day sessions (3.5 hour block per session) are required.

Lower cost than on-site training: $4,000.00 for up to six individuals.  Call for pricing for more than six individuals.

Zero employee travel cost. Provides training for employees at different locations—no need to travel to one central location.

No schedule interruptions, you train at your desk or your training room. No need to go out of town or disrupt you and your trainee’s family life.

Small class size, 6 maximum. Larger class sizes can be accommodated within certain parameters.


  • The training is delivered via Office Live Meeting in three 3.5 hour blocks, from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM, three consecutive days.
  • Manuals and course exercise files are delivered prior to class date along with detailed installation instructions. These are exercise files only, not the IDEA software.
  • The trainee is not required to have IDEA loaded on their computer to view the course. But to do the exercises they must have Monarch running.
  • Audio is provided via a telephone conferencing facility.
  • This is a very interactive course hands-on course, it is NOT a webinar. All trainees complete exercises and projects during the class as part of the course.
  • At the end of each morning session the trainees are free to go back to their desks and complete their normal days’ work, there is no down time due to traveling.
  • Upon conclusion of the course the trainees will be up and running IDEA and able to deliver data extractions on their own.

Boot Camp Private Training Fee

For up to six participants the fee is $4,000.00. All fees are prepaid. The class is taught in three 3.5 hour increments, morning sessions, for each class day. You then have the rest of your day to attend to work responsibilities and review the material covered that morning. When doing one-on-one training the expended class time is considerably shorter than a group class. This is due to the customized nature of the class - it is taught specifically to your learning style.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel outside of 14 days of the first class date the fee is refundable minus $2,500.00. If you cancel within and including 14 days of the first class date the full fee is due and is not refunded. Upon cancellation for any reason all manuals are to be returned to MrDataMining. If MrDataMining cancels for reasons beyond our control class will be rescheduled at your convenience without any additional cost to you.

Fees are subject to change based on client requirements.

MrDataMining Course Curriculum Web Based (pdf)

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