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Grant Thornton, LLP

I, along with others in my office, recently attended a Live Web Based Training class on IDEA presented by Mr. David M. Gross of MrDataMining training company. The course covered the basics of IDEA including report reader (data extraction), importing different types of file types along with more advanced auditing tests to be conducted by my staff of auditors.

I was very pleased with the class and the manner it which it was conducted. Mr. Gross has a very thorough knowledge of what IDEA can do and has the ability to convey this information in a very straightforward and clear manner. He also has a very upbeat personality which makes the training that much more enjoyable.

We covered a good bit of material along with completing in class exercises during this time. Doing the in class exercises served to reinforce what we were learning and was very helpful. The manual provided is very complete and will serve as a useful reference guide.

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Boaz Cohen, BAS IT Audit - Manager
Grant Thornton LLP

Williams, Adley & Company, LLP

Mr. David M. Gross recently came to our facility to present a comprehensive two day course on IDEA and how it applies to extracting and analyzing financial data from different types of reports or data sources. The hands on class covered beginner through advanced topics of data extraction and analysis using IDEA.

The class consisted of auditing personnel all the way to senior IT managers. Mr. Gross presented the material in a clear and complete manner keeping all participants engaged and challenged irrespective of their background.

Mr. Gross has a complete grasp of what IDEA can do. He took "off the wall" questions very well and without previous knowledge of some of our data analysis requirements was able to take that material and answer our questions completely. Several participants saw an immediate need for IDEA and how it will save us a great deal of time and contribute towards our revenue stream. Mr. Gross is very professional and personable. He is very enthusiastic and maintains a lively atmosphere that is very conducive for learning and growing. He took command of the room and made sure everyone had a clear grasp of the material.

I strongly recommend Mr. Gross for any of your IDEA training or consulting requirements. I believe the training he provided will have a direct and measurable effect on how our staff do their jobs. He was a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to bring him back should the need arise.

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Robert Jl. Fulkerson, CISA, CISM
Senior IT Audit Manager
Williams, Adley & Company, LLP

McKesson Pharmacy Systems

...Mr. Gross came to us highly recommended and we were not disappointed. Along with an engaging delivery style he has a complete command of the material and kept the class moving at a good and comfortable pace. He balanced the pace to keep the fast learners interested without leaving anyone behind. He has an upbeat personality and his good sense of humor definitely adds to the presentation.

Along with myself there were other senior management personnel in the room. We have very specific high level project management demands and Mr. Gross addressed them directly and to our satisfaction. Mr. Gross related the course material to our day-to-day work so that we are able to implement this material immediately.

I am very pleased with our investment in Mr. Gross' sofware training services. I believe this will have a direct and measurable effect on how we manage our projects. I strongly recommend Mr. Gross for your sofware training needs and would not hesitate to bring him back to our company for additional courses.

Gary Johnson,
VP, Product Support Services.

LDI Corporation

I recently had the pleasure of attending a training seminar which Mr. David M. Gross, President of Software Conquest, conducted. I found Mr. Gross to be an excellent instructor who was not only knowledgeable of the course material and thorough in his training, but had the ability to clearly convey concepts to individuals at various levels of intelligence simultaneously. He was patient and non-condescending to those who had more difficulty grasping the materials yet managed to keep the pace at a level that the remainder of the attendees were never bored. He managed to accomplish this while keeping the entire class interested and displaying a wonderful sense of humor. Not only did he motivate this class to learn all course material presented, but he did it in such a fashion that many "what if" quesitons were asked -- all of which Mr. Gross was able to answer in a manner in which all attendees understood and could benefit.

I would highly recommend Mr. Gross in any teaching capacity and would welcome the opportunity to attend additional classes led by him.

Peg Jackson,
Executive Assistant.

National City Consumer Loan Services

...We have recently created a training department which will handle all systems, leadership and PC training classes. In order to teach the PC classes proficiently, we needed to employ a consultant to conduct a Train the Software Trainer program. This is when we met David Gross.

David quickly helped us determine our needs and the appropriate leader guides. He then conducted a 3-day Train the Software Trainer session for 6 trainers from both Brecksville and Southgate...In addition to being incredibly flexible (less than 12 hours notice to change 2 more days of class), David has a great style in his teaching. His personal warmth and humor complement his vast knowledge of PC training...

Melanie Mathies,
Manager, Training and Development

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