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MrDataMining On-Site Training

IDEA Course Curriculum

Length: 2 days, 14 total classroom hours—live instructor based.

Prerequisites: None


  • Gain experience and skills with both hands-on exercises and instructor lead discussions.
  • Learn and practice key data elements such as importing, reconciling, sampling, indexing/sorting, extracting, stratifying, summarizing, aging, gap detecting, relating databases, analyzing and scripting.
  • Master key software features such as Report Reader, Equation Editor, @functions, and analysis / reporting tools. By the end of this course, the novice user will return to the office and hit the ground running; the seasoned user will gain a deeper understanding of core competencies and maximize their daily performance.

MrDataMining Advantage:

  1. As part of this course I include a 60 minute session prior to the class to review files you want to incorporate into the class and what data you want extracted and reported on.
  2. Also part of the course I offer after class support for a duration of 60 minutes that can either be by phone or web based at no extra charge. This support will cover all topics outside of initial trapping of the detail template.

I can use your data to form part of (or all of) the curriculum—send file(s) in advance or provide them at training time. Constructing your current business templates in class creates a real-time work-while-learn environment. This not only jump-starts your ROI, it enables you to take solutions back to the office that you built and understand fully. Combining your data with my proven training techniques and lively, approachable, egos-at-the-door classroom environment simply means that you learn more material and software functionality.

Day One: Mine Data using the Import Assistant and Report Reader.

  • Explore Working Folder benefits.
  • Conquer Data Imports: Excel, Access, ASCII Delimited/Fixed, EBCDIC, dBase, Quickbooks, AS400.
  • Learn time-saving Record Definition techniques.
  • Demystify Report Reader.
  • Apply and understand both simple and complex trapping: alpha, numeric, space, non-blank, floating.
  • Unpeel layers: basic, append, floating and their components (anchor line, field editor, field anchor).
  • Tackle tricky data samples: wrapped text, multiple line, columns, headers, suppressed text, filters.
  • Discover the importance of Field Order.
  • Find out when to exclude lines, apply a filter and the purpose of using the previous value.

Day Two: Import, Manipulate and Present Data.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of Day One material.

  • Verify data integrity using Control Totals, Field Statistics, Summarizations and Sampling.
  • Understand the Indexing and Sorting differences.
  • Maneuver through data quickly with record grouping, go to, find, filtering, extracting, filtering.
  • Merge disparate databases correctly choosing join, append or compare.
  • Export data, reports and results.
  • Utilize powerful and time-saving @ functions with Equation Editor.
  • Assess data with summarizing, aging, detecting gaps/duplicates, stratifying, extracting and filtering.
  • Change data types, appearances, orders, field manipulation including adding columns.
  • Display results graphically: tables, charts, graphs.

On-Site Training Fees

One 2-day class (14 hours)

Day 1: Mine Data using the Import Assistant and Report Reader

Day 2: Import, Manipulate and Present Data

MrDataMining Fee: $8500.00 prepaid, plus all expenses portal to portal.

Class size up to 8 students ($850.00 for each additional participant per class up to a maximum of 12 participants).

General Information

The full fee is due 21 days prior to the first class date.

Note: all on-site prices are for training at any location within the Continental United States. Please call for information regarding onsite training in other locations.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel outside of 14 days of the first class date the fee is refundable minus $2,500.00.

If non-refundable expenses incurred by MrDataMining account for more than $2,500, you are obligated to pay the added cost.

If you cancel within and including 14 days of the first class date the full fee is due and is not refunded.

Upon cancellation for any reason all manuals are to be returned to MrDataMining.

If MrDataMining cancels for reasons beyond our control class will be rescheduled at your convenience without any additional cost to you.

Fees are subject to change based on client requirements.

MrDataMining Course Curriculum (pdf)

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